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Perform MBOX to PST Conversion using MBOX Converter

Perform MBOX to PST Conversion using MBOX Converter

E-mail client is an application software by which users can easily manage and access their e-mail messages and other mailbox data. E-mail messages are composed by the user to send it over the network to the recipient(s). E-mail clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, IBM Lotus Notes, Netscape and Windows Live Mail. These locally installed e-mail applications are frequently used by the organizations as well as home users. Different e-mail clients support different e-mail file formats. Outlook stores all its mailbox items in PST format, IBM Lotus Notes stores its files in NSF format, Windows Live Mail stores data in EML format and MBOX e-mail format is used to store mailbox items of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Netscape etc.

Inaccessibility of mail files is the drawback of switching e-mail client from one to other. E-mail message created using one format cannot be opened in other e-mail client if the file formats are different. So, migrating from one e-mail client to another leads to the conversion of the format of the data files stored in it.
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E-mail Formats: MBOX and PST

Converting MBOX files to PST is very typical and is usually required when you migrate from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook, as Apple Mail is used in Mac operating system and MS Outlook is supported by Windows operating system.

As Microsoft Outlook provides additional functionalities than all these e-mail clients, so Outlook has become more popular than any other e-mail clients. MS Outlook is deployed frequently by many organizations. The main cause behind switching from current e-mail client to Microsoft Outlook is the multiple features it provides to the users. Because of this reason, business users are also switching to MS Outlook. Microsoft Outlook also acts as an information manager.

Why we need E-mail Conversion?

Just consider the scenarios given below:

  • You have just joined a new organization where you need to use Microsoft Outlook. But in your previous organization, you used Apple Mail for mailing purpose. Now you need all the data (emails and other mailbox data) from Apple Mail. Apple Mail stores your data into a different format, i.e. MBOX, which is not understood by Microsoft Outlook. In such situation, you need to convert your MBOX files into such format which is easily understood by MS Outlook. MS Outlook supports PST format, so you have to convert your MBOX files into PST format to open them in MS Outlook.
  • Or, you have received an MBOX file from one your friends or clients to access the mails and other data items from it. You have MS Outlook installed on your system, so you cannot open or access the MBOX files as Outlook does not support MBOX file format. To view or read the MBOX files’ data in MS Outlook, you need to perform conversion of MBOX file into PST format.

Unluckily, neither Microsoft nor Apple provides any built-in tool or manual solution to importation and exportation of MBOX files to any other email clients. So a user is left with no option other than using a third-party converter tool. Many software companies are available in the online market which offer advanced tools for MBOX to PST Conversion. SysInfoTools is one of them which provide an excellent solution for MBOX to PST Conversion. Its MBOX Converter tool helps users convert their MBOX files into Outlook PST format. SysInfoTools provides many advanced features, such as: you can convert your corrupted MBOX files and other than PST format, you can save your MBOX files into other popular file formats (EML, MSG, RTF and HTML).

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