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Repair ZIP File, RAR Archive, 7z File, TAR File, TAR.Gz File, ZIP-64 File

Repair ZIP File, RAR Archive, 7z File, TAR File, TAR.Gz File, ZIP-64 File

Archive file is a storage facility that contains multiple data files together in a single file so that it uses less storage space, easy to compress and portable. Inbuilt encryption, random comments, error detection, error correction information, directory structures are stored in archive files. It is one of the best formats to store files because
files in this are stored in compressed format. Files can also be transmitted easily if it is in compressed format. 

One of the commonly used file format is ZIP. Files in this format have .zip extension. It is the most common type of archive file. It compresses data which saves space and it’s easy to send this file as an attachment. It contains data in encoded form. ZIP files can be created using Win-zip and WinRAR compression software.

Advantages & Uses:

When you store your data as archive, it is indexed, searchable and classified. Other benefits of archiving file include sufficient performance for applications, effective storage tiering, information management and regulatory compliance. Features of an archived file include encryption of data, compression of data, extraction, installation, concatenation of files and file spanning.

Archive files are used in storing system file data and metadata within a specified file. It can be stored on systems and can be sent over the network. As software contents are spread across several files, archive file can be used for packaging software for distribution.

Types of Archive Files:

  • ZIP File: This file is created using WinZip and WinRAR to compress the size of the actual file and store multiple files in a single .zip file. 
  • RAR File: The compression ratio of RAR file is greater than that of ZIP file. It also support file spanning and error recovery. Files in this format have .rar extension. 
  • TAR File: Tape archive (TAR) format was developed to write data to sequential I/O devices. Now used for collecting, archiving and distributing many files.
  • TAR.Gz File: This format is one of the archive file formats which compresses TAR files and create new format, i.e. tar.gz format. It provides freedom form highly complex set of rules.
  • 7-Zip File: It’s a freeware format. It also helps to recover corrupted 7-zip file.
Zip files can easily get corrupted or damaged. Corruption of files leads to inaccessibility of files and the situation becomes even more frustrating when you do not have back up of zipped files. You are not able to extract or restore data as it has become inaccessible due to corruption, and then there is a need of repairing this file or recovering data from this file. Files can get corrupted due to many reasons such as virus attacks, power failure (while creating or extracting file), hard drive failure and interruptions. 

WinZip and WinRAR applications create compressed ZIP file which are prone to corruption. If you need a solution to only repair ZIP file, then read ZIP Recovery

Corrupt files should be repaired before extracting it. WinRAR has an inbuilt repair tool, by this you can repair corrupted ZIP and RAR files. Some basic steps are required to be followed to successfully repair your corrupted Zip file:
  1. Open WinRAR application
  2. Click on file, and then select open
  3. A find archive window will be opened, select corrupt zip file from your system
  4. Click on open button
  5. Press Alt+R
  6. Repairing File will be opened
  7. Click on browse to save repaired file at desired location
  8. Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box, and then click OK
  9. After corrupt ZIP archive is repaired, click on close.
You can use this above manual solution and repair your corrupt Zip file. For this you need to have WinRAR application installed in your computer. The inbuilt repair tool of WinRAR is easy to use but the limitation of this application is it can use to repair only .zip and .rar files. It is not helpful if your file is some other archive format. To repair file created using format, you need to use third party tool.

Archive Recovery tool from SysInfoTools is one of the competent tool that repairs the files which are created using any archive file format which include many formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.Gz and 7-Zip. It can perform multiple files recovery process. It doesn’t modify the original data. You can try its free demo version before using the full version.

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