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Backup Repair: Repair BKF Files of NTBackup, Symantec & SQL Server

Backup Repair: Repair BKF Files of NTBackup, Symantec & SQL Server

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Backup (BKF) files are created to store data of original file. A copy of original file is created to ensure the availability of data if the original file gets damaged or corrupted. Corruption makes the file inaccessible and thus, leads to loss of data. But you can restore your original file if you have created backup of it. A valid BKF file is required to restore data of original file. Microsoft Windows’ inbuilt “NT-Backup” utility is used to create backup file. Another backup utility is Symantec Backup Exec; it is a commercial ware application which can be executed in many operating systems.

You can create BKF file of various original files including databases. If your files get corrupted, then it becomes very difficult to repair it or restore data from it. Your task of restoring original file will become easy if you have backed up the original file. BKF file can also get corrupted due to various reasons such as software or hardware malfunctions, interruption in backup job, system failure, abrupt system shutdown, virus attacks and many more. Corruption of BKF file leads to severe loss because BKF file is the last resort to restore original data file.

Repairing corrupt BKF file is the solution to access the data stored in it. There is no utility provided by Microsoft to repair corrupted BKF file. You need to use recovery software to repair corrupted BKF file. Choosing good software among available software is one of the important tasks. 

SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro software repairs all type of backup files. It can recover SQL database from corrupt backup file. It also recovers backup files which are in compressed form. It can recover multiple BKF files simultaneously. Any level of corruption can be handled by this software. All these features of SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro make it unique from rest of the available software. It is advanced solution to repair highly corrupted BKF file and it makes your task more easy by repairing multiple corrupted BKF files at the same time.

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